Friday, Sept. 9, 2022 from 4 pm to 7 pm
Saturday, Sept. 10, 2022 from 9 am to 2 pm
Sunday, Sept. 11, 2022 from 9 am to 2 pm
1211 Poplar Hill Road * Baltimore, MD 21210


HIGHLIGHTS: Click here for photos

FURNISHINGS:  late 19th C Walnut gate leg table; early 20th C cabinet with marble top; early 20th C Mahogany Table; late 19th C Victorian side Chairs; early 20th C Mahogany Barrister Bookcase; OED Dictionary with stand; early 20th C Mahogany Wardrobe with beveled glass mirror; late 19th C Bookcase; single-pedestal table; late 19th C Empire Mahogany Frame sofa; late 19th C Lamp & Plant Stands; late 19th C Mahogany Canopy Bed; late 19th C mahogany framed sofas; Late 19th C Mahogany Server; Upholstered Victorian Side Chair, Mahogany Mantle Clock; late 19th C ornate carved mahogany tables; Late 19th C side chairs; late 19th C single-pedestal stand; late 19th C Victorian side chair; late 19th C Walnut Banquet table; late 19th C Walnut Gateleg Table; carved oriental blanket chest; Late 19th C Walnut Server with white marble top; Late 19th C Walnut Victorian Book Case; Late 19th C Walnut Victorian Server; Leather Sofa and Glass Inset End Table; late 19th C Plank Bottom Chairs; Mahogany early 20th C Secretary Cabinet; Mahogany late 19th C Victorian Wardrobe; Mahogany late 19th C Wardrobe; mid-19th C Burl Mahogany Veneer Empire Side Board with column applique decoration; Oak Barrister Bookcases; Oak filing cabinet; Ornate late 19th C Victorian Buffet Server with beveled mirror back and doors, rose marble top, applique decoration; Ornate late 19th C Victorian Mahogany Server with Rose Marble Top; Single bed headboard, early 20th C Oriental Blanket Chest; late 19th C Mahogany Book Case; late 19th C Victorian Mahogany Server; Late 19th C Victorian Server; late 19th C Victorian Upholstered Side Chairs; mid 19th C Mahogany Empire Server; early 20th Century Music Stand; blanket chests; Caned Seat Chairs; canopy bed; cedar chest; day bed frame; lamp tables

GLASSWARE:  Art Glass center bowl, vases and decorative pieces; late 19th C. etched and pattern glassware; beveled glass window panel; miscellaneous glassware and more!

POTTERY:  Hand crafted pottery goblets, glasses, plates, bowls, pots, vases, urns; pottery kitchenware, bakeware, and glassware, bowls, plates, tea pots, urns; miscellaneous pottery items

FRAMED ART:  Framed Items - Oils, Pastels, Lithographs, Oil and Pencil Landscape, Pencil Sketches; late 19th and early 20th C framed photos, etchings, prints; Oriental Print and etchings

BOOKS:  Art, History, Classics & Contemporary; Coffee Table Art and History Books; John James Audubon Birds of America Book; and books galore!

KITCHEN & HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS:  Wilton Aluminum ware; silver plate holloware; lamps; mirrors; stained glass mantle clock; wall clocks; candlestick holders; decorative pillows; Christmas decorations; and more!

COLLECTIBLES:  Log Cabin Doll House; Dolls; Pewter; Pewterware; Vintage Tea Cozies; animal motif carved stone; bone and metal figurines; metal and cast decorative objects; dominoes; marble chess board; driftwood; record albums; Celtic Cross and Other Decorative Crosses; pocket books; clothing; and more!

EQUIPMENT, TOOLS & SUPPLIES:  10 Speed Atala Bicycle; exercise bike; aluminum step ladder; Garage Lawn, Garden & Shop Tools and Supplies; grinder and sander on stand; Hand & Power Shop & Garden Tools; Hand Lawn Garden and Auto Shop Tools & Supplies; table saw

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