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 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM
Preview from 3:00 pm

Office of O’Neill Enterprises
103 E. Jarrettsville Road, Suite A
Forest Hill, Harford Co., MD 21050

ORDER OF SALE: To be sold by Catalog Inventory.  Units will be sold in increments of not less than $ 10.00 starting bid.

STAMP COLLECTIONS featuring: 1994 general issue full page #2870 Legends of the West; foreign stamps from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain; modern US stamp sheets 1960-1980; #2286-#2335 Wildlife; and more!       Detailed Stamp catalog

COINS & PAPER MONEY featuring:  1878 US Liberty Quarter Eagle; 1875-1912 Gulden Netherlands; 1908 St. Guadens miniature; foreign coins; US Silver Certificates; and more!              Detailed Coin catalog

JEWELRY featuring: 18k yellow gold bangle; 18k yellow gold ladies antique gypsy style diamond ring set; 14k yellow gold cable link watch chain; 14k yellow gold ladies Rolex pendant watch; 20k yellow gold filigree charm; 18k yellow gold diamond flower earrings; 14k yellow gold sardonyx stone ring; assorted sterling silver jewelry, and more!    Detailed Jewelry catalog with images!

KNIVES * DAGGERS * BAYONETS featuring:  USMC KA-BAR with sheath; M7/37 German dagger; Gerber dagger; US M7 bayonet with scabbard; US M1 bayonet with scabbard blade; S84/98 Mauser bayonet scabbard; Solingen hunting knife; Buck edgemaster; and more!          Detailed Knife, Dagger & Bayonet catalog with images!

TERMS: 10% Buyer's Premium collected on purchases paid with cash or approved check; 15% Buyer's Premium collected on purchases paid with credit card.  All buyers must register to bid and must show their bidder number to participate in the bidding.  Payment must be made on the date of the auction and must be made prior to removal.  While descriptions are believed to be accurate, all items are sold in “as is” condition, without guaranty.  There are no returns.  In the instance of a disputed bid, during the auction, the item will be offered to the disputed bidders, only, until the final bid is made.  O’Neills Auction Company is not responsible for lost or stolen items or accidents.