All Bidders must register prior to the auction.

Bidder Registration Requirements:

1 - Photo Identification
2 - Contract Deposit
in the amount as stated in the auction terms (i.e $ 5,000.00).


Note that the Contract Deposit is to be produced at the time of registration in cash, certified check, cashier's check or other form of payment acceptable to the auctioneer and/or seller.

The Cashier's or Certified Check is to be issued to the registered Buyer and the photo identification must be the same as the person to whom the check is issued.  Should the registered buyer be the successful purchaser at auction, the cashier's/certified check will be endorsed to be payable to the order of O'Neill Enterprises Realty Escrow Account.

Cash will be counted to insure that it is the required amount.

Should additional information be required, please contact
O'Neill Enterprises Realty & Auction Services:  *  410-838-6980