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Accounting services have been provided by O'Neills in Harford County for over 75 years. Specializing in Farm and Small Business accounting services, the staff includes full-time year-round accounting professionals and seasonal full-time tax preparers. Payroll and bookkeeping services are provided in addition to annual income tax returns preparation. Aimee C. O'Neill is experienced in IRS Audit reviews as well as Estate Accounting and consultation.

Click on the forms listed below to assist you in gathering the information to prepare your annual income tax returns:
- Information Organizer Forms for Individuals and for Businesses
- Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Statement
- Donated Goods Valuation Guide 
-Senior Citizens & Veterans Tax Credit application
Helpful Websites:  IRS and State credit card/debit card payments  "Where's My IRS Refund?  "Where's My Maryland Refund?  "Where's My Pennsylvania Refund?
Reminders: Significant Penalties apply for failure to file 1099's by January 31, 2019!
- Forms 1099 must be issued to all contractors to whom you have paid $ 600.00 or more for labor - Forms 1099 must be issued by in-home services as well as business owners.
- Forms 1099 must be issued by JANUARY 31, 2019. Click here for 1099 instructions.
- Forms 1099 must be issued to independent contractors. Corporate entities are exempt from the requirement to issue a 1099 EXCEPT for attorneys and veterinarians
It is recommended that all payers who are required to issue a 1099 have the required W-9 completed by the payee (recipient). Click here for the W-9 form 
- 2019 Mileage reimbursement rate is 55 cents per mile
- Parents with children in college are reminded to obtain Form 1098-T from the College Bursar's office and to remind their college student to discuss with you, who is claiming their dependent status, BEFORE the student files an income tax return

Click Here for Information regarding Maryland 529 College Plans - All contributions to a MD 529 plan is deductible against Maryland Income, regardless of whether or not the student is your dependent!
 - Contemporaneous recording and quarterly reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses is required of all employees and business owners. A mobile app which may be useful for recording reimbursable business expenses is AUTOKEPT

 - Our tax accounting staff - Aimee O'Neill, Mary Lou Hoopes, Sissy Riordan & Shirley Jones look forward to the opportunity to provide tax accounting services. We welcome our new tax preparer staff member, Gail Gagner.
 - O'Neills accepts and transmits ACH payments in addition to traditional credit card payment. Cash and Checks continue to be accepted.
 - Secure and Encrypted transmittal of all tax information is available through the O'Neills' Portal subscription. Please contact our office to arrange to send and/or receive your information in an electronic format through the Portal system. Email ( and fax transmission (410-836-0772) are alternate options.
Please call the office to schedule an appointment to deliver your tax return documents or to meet with a tax preparer. We will schedule appointments on Monday through Friday from 9 am to 7 pm and  Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm.  Plan to spend 10 to 15 minutes when you stop in to deliver tax information. Appointments are required and must be confirmed. We are available by phone, email and through this website to schedule your appointment.
We look forward to serving your tax and accounting needs and the opportunity to "catch-up" on your news from the past year!  
May you be blessed with All Good Gifts!
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