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Location: 2616 JOHNSON MILL RD, FOREST HILL, MD 21050
Type: Lot Land
MLS: Mid-Atlantic Region
MLS#: HR8441327
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Disclosure FilesDateFile Size
 Amended Declaration of Restrictions on Lands of Heathcott - 4-15-16.pdf   2016-04-15 09:41:22103 Kb
 Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions Retention and Reforestation Restated - Liber 11544, Folio 515.pdf   2016-03-22 05:58:05258 Kb
 Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for Common Driveway - Liber 11544, Folio 496.pdf   2016-03-22 05:58:26513 Kb
 GIS map.pdf   2016-03-22 05:59:01723 Kb
 Percolation Test Update, dated 3-5-13.pdf   2014-08-28 11:37:2664 Kb
 Revised Plat 144-79.pdf   2016-01-28 13:16:25137 Kb
 Supplemental Declaration of Revision of Natural Conservation Area Covenants - Liber 11544, Folio 505.pdf   2016-03-22 06:00:09231 Kb
 aerial view map.pdf   2016-03-22 05:58:06376 Kb
 flood map.pdf   2016-03-22 05:58:23187 Kb
 marketing brochure.pdf   2016-03-22 05:59:161,988 Kb
 street map.pdf   2014-08-28 11:35:15229 Kb
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